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The Incomparable 

Debbie Reynolds

DANA ROSENTHAL - Owner & Dance Teacher

Dancing by age 3, Dana has been in the dance industry for 35 years! Experienced in hip hop, jazz, poms, ballet, pointe, modern, tap and musical theatre she grew from dancer, to teacher, to choreographer to dance studio owner! She’s taught and choreographed for all ages working with multiple studios, schools, hip hop crews, musical theatre programs and dance teams throughout Chicago & Los Angeles.  Starting out as a dance major, she graduated from the University of Iowa and was a dancer & co-director of Hip Hop ConnXion Chicago. Dana appeared as a contestant on the 2003 Reboot of Dance Fever (70's TV dance show) on ABC Family and has also performed at Disney World and Carnegie Hall in New York!  In 2006, Dana moved to LA to pursue dance and found her passion for the business side. She managed Debbie Reynolds’ Studio where the top professional dancers train and taught alongside choreographers for Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown and Madonna to name a few. Dana taught and coached the dance team at Occidental College where President Obama attended. She was also a Production Manager and Head of Registration for the USA & World Hip Hop Dance Championships through Hip Hop International who created and produced MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. One of Dana’s major professional accomplishments is choreographing the Nintendo Wii games: Just Dance for Kids and Smurf Dance Party!  After returning to Chicago in 2013, she co-created and produced the Chicago Youth Dance Exhibition as well as produced Carnival Chicago!  In 2017 it was time for Dana to start her biggest adventure and opened DanceRoom Chicago for ALL ages and levels to enjoy Dance, Fitness and Activity! She is excited to fuse her two worlds of Chicago and LA together & happiest when she’s able to provide to others what she loves most…DANCE!!!




Growing up in Mexico City & moving to Chicago in 2004, DANCE & FITNESS has always been part of Estefania’s life. Dancing for fun at a very young age she often performed front row center at school festivals!  In 2008, she discovered Zumba dancing to the DVDs at home, taking classes at the gym, became certified in June 2016 & has been teaching at various locations ever since.  Estefania’s true love for dance fitness was inspired as a MixxedFit student which combines explosive dance movements with bootcamp toning. Within a year of training, Estefania was certified in 2014 and has been teaching, learning and loving the dance fitness format.  Her Mixxed Fit class is big & loud, like a party often including fun themes!  She loves teaching dance fitness classes because she's feel good helping students to release stress, exercise & find a tribe that supports each other beyond the dance floor. Estefania’s goal is to always help students feel healthier, leaving happier than when they arrived and smile!

Sensei Miran is a 4th degree black belt in ITF Taekwondo and Hapkido. He started training in 1993 at the age of 9 under Master Fred Richmond.  Ranked in the top ten in the Midwest between 2008 - 2014, Miran is an 11 time Midwest champion in forms, fighting and weapons & he's a member of the first AKA fighting team.   Aside from karate,  Miran enjoys dunking basketballs, surfing and working out.

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Maribel Torres' dream has always been to teach the youth of our community how to dance and experience the love for Latin music! Her program, "For the Love of Dance", provides introduction of body movement while listening to Latin beats: lots of hip action, body roles, foot work and turns. Maribel's choreography encourages stage presence, styling and self confidence on the dance floor! "For the Love of Dance" is a great way to experience dance socially, great choreography and fun performances! Join Maribel as she brings these beautiful, tropical dance styles: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and more to Chicago! 


"For The Love of Dance"

Michelle Romero has danced since the age of 3.  She learned & perfected her talent from watching television and social media performances of her favorite artists. Her main styles are hip hop and jazz funk and she teaches fun, upbeat, hair whipping choreography!  Michelle is a firm believer in hard work, putting in time and effort to accomplish any goal all while having fun and enjoying the process. 


Dance Teacher


Dance Teacher

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 Vincent Walker is a hybrid dancer and dedicated professional specializing in shuffling and footwork.  His love for dance started while confined to a wheel chair after reconstructive surgery on both feet. Vincent decided that when he recovered and could walk again, he would also dance. In 2016, Vincent started shuffling in his hometown, Oakland and was instantly hooked on California’s high energy battle culture.  He learned to ground his footwork in ballet and jazz before relocating to Chicago in 2017. Vincent is passionate about teaching and sharing his unique style and provides an outlet for students to better express their artistic selves.


Dance Teacher


Self Defense Instructor

A true extrovert and a forever optimist, Sergio first began his training in martial arts when he came to Chicago from his native Mexico City in 1994. It was in hapkido school were he developed his love of martial arts and it was in high school where his love of training and encouraging people began as he prepped and coached fellow students for talent shows. Since then, Sergio has continuously perfected his ability to transfer knowledge to anybody. 


Growing up in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago and having to learn English as a second language, Sergio found himself in many street fights. It was through these street fights where Sergio not only learned the importance of self defense but realized the need to teach it to others so that anybody, regardless of size or gender, could be able to defend themselves.  

Sergio is a certified level 4 Fit to Fight Defensive Options instructor. He is also certified in CPR/AED.


One of Chicago's bravest, Juan is an all around superman. He's a former member of the Air Force (4 years active duty, 3 years reserve), winner of 7 civilian boxing matches and a three time marathon runner.


Firefighter, former paramedic, and self defense instructor, Juan's years of martial arts experience come through in each of his classes. A certified Level 4 Fit-to-Fight Defensive Options instructor, Juan also holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a blue belt in Jiu-jitsu. Juan has competed in many martial arts tournaments throughout the city, having won 2nd place in White Belt Gi Division at the US Grappling competition in 2011 and third place in the Chicago Spring International Open IBJJF Championship in 2019. 


Self Defense Instructor